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About the Project

FabScan is an open source 3D laser scanner. The project started in 2010 at Germany's first FabLab in Aachen. The FabScan PI is the next generation of the FabScan 3D Laser Scanner.

A Raspberry Pi 2 and a Raspberry Pi camera module are used to turn the FabScan PI into a stand-alone and web-enabled 3D Laser Scanner.

Quick Start

The fastest way to use the FabScanPi is to use the FabScanPi Raspbian ISO image. Connect all needed hardware parts, download and flash the latest ISO image:

Latest Release

A list of all released images can be found here.
Since release v2016-05-15-14-05 the image files are zipped.

You have to unzip the file to get the .img file. After flashing the image to an SD card point your browser to http://[ ip-address-of-your-raspberry-pi ]

Purchase a Kit

You can purchase the FabScanPi as a kit or in parts at Watterott Electronics